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Whether you are in real estate school or if you are already a real estate agent and having challenges setting your self apart from every other REALTOR out there...get with the program! Our agents have the ability to WIN almost every listing appointment they have because we offer our sellers the best deal around when selling their home. Our unique version of the Discount Real Estate Broker lets our clients sell their home cheap while getting the exact same real estate services they expect from a top notch REALTOR.  Our processes let us leverage technology to save our clients money while working smart.

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"BJ provided a great value to us when selling our home we will definitely be sending a lot of referrals their way."

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If you could charge A LOT less money for listing homes but make A LOT more money would you?  Our unique value proposition has proven to be a major disruptor in real estate.

As an agent, if you shop with Amazon Prime (or countless other online retailers), you believe in our company and our philosophy. Provide great service and most importantly VALUE to our clients and enjoy EXTREME loyalty from them. The only question is will you employ it for yourself? Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon has leveraged that simple philosophy to become the wealthiest man in the world.

I bet if you stop and think about it, you will realize you have extreme loyalty to companies like Amazon. Amazon has literally bankrupted other retailers and is now the most valuable company in the world.

Our Brokerage Model Has Value

You are loyal to these companies because they provide you extreme value and great customer experience. How would your life be different if people who needed to list their homes had that level of loyalty to you as their Realtor? The key thing to remember is it is impossible to create that type of loyalty if you do not strive to offer VALUE to your clients.

Let me be clear: if you offer the same product at the same price as all your peers, the public will not seek you out. If the public is not seeking you out because they do not see a value to your services, you are a dead agent walking.

We have created a disruptive real estate model that offers extreme value for our clients while generating drastically MORE profit for our agents.



Are you ready to sell real estate with something unique that saves your client money? 

Are you ready to make more money as a real estate agent than you thought possible?

Talk to us at 1 Percent Lists - let us show YOU our listing presentation and see if YOU would use us to sell your home.

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