Facts about Covington LA

10 Fascinating Facts: Covington


10 Fascinating Facts About Covington Louisiana

Have you ever given thought to buying a home in the Covington area? Investing in real estate in this location appeals to many people today.

Permanent residents and visitors alike appreciate learning more about this unique locale.

Some Fun Facts About Covington

Situated just a short drive north of Mandeville Louisiana and the scenic Lake Pontchartrain (in the heart of southeastern Louisiana), this rapidly growing town of well over 10,000 people has witnessed significant changes during recent years. The area enjoys a vibrant culture. Consider fun facts about this community:

1. Today Covington’s population approaches 10,500 people.

The popular online encyclopedia Wikipedia cities census information from 2010 placing the town’s population at 8,765 people, with significant increases projected for 2018. The community gradually grew in size over the past century.

2. Visit a statue honoring President Ronald Reagan.

A bronze statue erected here by the Taylor Foundation in 2008 displays the work of a local sculptor, Patrick Miller. It honors President Ronald Reagan.

3. Actress Peggy Dow lived here for many years.

Before she gained fame as a model, radio personality, and actress, Peggy Dow spent part of her childhood living in the Covington Louisiana community.

You may recognize her for her role as Nurse Kelly in the 1950 comedy classic Harvey, starring the late Jimmy Stewart. She appeared in a total of nine motion pictures before her retirement in 1951.

4. The name of the town changed soon after its founding.

The earliest maps of the community describe this location as “Wharton” (the middle name of town founder John Wharton Collins). The town renamed itself a short time later in honor of a popular War of 1812 general.

5. The railroad did not reach this community until 1888.

Railroads arrived in this part of Louisiana comparatively late. Today, the Tammany Trace occupies a large section of land which formerly served as a railroad right-of-way.

6. This community includes a college campus.

Despite its still comparatively small size, the town serves as the location for one of the campuses of Delta College. Students also commute to nearby Metairie or New Orleans to access additional educational and vocational opportunities.

7. Tourists and residents enjoy visiting nearby scenic recreational areas.

This lovely spot showcases the beauty of southeastern Louisiana. Just a short drive away, lovely Lake Pontchartrain also appeals to outdoor enthusiasts.

8. Musician Steven Stills resided here briefly during his childhood.

The acclaimed guitarist Stephen Sills of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young spent part of his childhood residing here. In 2003, Rolling Stone Magazine honored him as one of the 100 greatest guitar players in the world.

9. The town has served as a motion picture filming location.

Productions conducting filming on location here in the past included Dead Man Walking (1995), Eve’s Bayou (1997), and Beautiful Creatures(2013).

10. Recently, the median price of a home here stood at $208,100.

The Best Places website reported the median price of a home here stood in the low $200,000 range recently. Many exciting realty opportunities exist for local property buyers and sellers.

Anticipate a Healthy Seller’s Market

An influx of people into the environs of New Orleans, following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina several years ago, eventually produced unexpected benefits for the local area.

Today, the community supports a strong realty marketplace. Whether you plan to sell your home, it usually makes sense to work closely with licensed real estate industry professionals to obtain the best results.

Homeowners appreciate the recent appreciation in local sales prices. Prospective buyers usually find advantages in seeking the assistance of a qualified discount real estate broker to help them search all of the homes for sale in Covington.

With persistence (and a little patience), you’ll likely find yourself on course to achieve your goals!

For more information about buying or selling a home in the Covington area, contact your local real estate professional.